Wilkins Creative Insights

Website Development

We began our journey into website development years ago. But why? After working as in-house marketing and communications teams, we were responsible for hiring outside help to build our organizations’ web presence. We were disappointed in the work those developers did.
Rather than give up, we learned some skills. Now we delight in helping our clients with effective web solutions at a fair price.

What Makes a good Web Developer?

A good web developer listens to what you’re saying about your brand and your growth plan. They go beyond technology and understand communication and how people interact. It’s not all ones and zeros with us. We become an important partner to help you see your vision come to life. Our clients run the gamut of industries and sizes. If we could help them, we CAN help you.

Why WordPress?

We specialize in developing websites using WordPress and for some e-commerce sites, Shopify. Why WordPress? It’s a solid, proven tool with a huge capacity to change to meet your evolving needs. It’s da bomb and the most future-proof platform around. For e-commerce, Shopify has it dialled in if your sales exceed $2,000 a month. Reach out if you have any questions! 250-215-0156.

New Site or Redevelopment​

Our work is usually split between helping new entrepreneurs build the first website for their business and helping established organizations. Usually we’re helping those guys climb out of the dark ages of mid 2000’s web design (YIKES!). We also offer hosting packages and also offer domain search and registration services to help you get started.