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Now, more than ever is the right time to work with an Executive Coach. The great news is that most coaching is done by conference call or video conference such as Zoom. Given the real challenge we are facing with our economy and changes to work and play, Wilkins Creative Insights is offering new clients a discounted rate for Executive Coaching. 

So many ways a coach can bring you to the next level and beyond

Coaching isn’t about you needing help. It’s about having the most valuable conversation of your week. It’s about you learning, growing and performing at your best. Here are just a few ways I can help during this exceptional time:

  • Stress Management and Focus: There’s a lot going on right now. Working together, we can reduce your stress, maintain focus on what’s important and continue moving forward.
  • Business Continuity: find the path forward clearly for your business.
  • Team Management: Be the best leader you can for your team.
  • Crisis Planning and Execution: Covid-19 is affecting everyone, but how you and your business manage it can make the difference between success and failure.
  • Communication for Change: Chances are your leadership capabilities are being challenged in ways you never thought possible. Imagine having someone in your corner helping you to effectively manage change and assist with making tough decisions.
  • Creating Opportunities: Don’t be part of the herd. Working with me, you’ll find new opportunities to help your business weather the storm and become stronger.
  • Everything Else: A sounding board, a positive influence – learn more here. 

Special Discounted Rates

I'm focused on helping you help your business during this trying time. As such, I'm offering a special discounted rate for Executive Coaching. Don't let finances get in your way. Get the support you need to power your way through this crisis! Call or complete the form now to get started.

"Imagine having someone in your corner helping you to effectively manage change and assist with making tough decisions."

C.J. Wilkins, BAC, MA, CEC  is a certified executive coach from the Center for Executive Coaching in Sarasota, Florida. Prior to being an Executive Coach, C.J. was an award-winning sustainably business entrepreneur having built a thriving sustainable sign company out of a dirty industry during a recession. He has extensive experience in crisis communications and can help you see the calm and most importantly the opportunity in the storm.

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You’re working from home. All it takes to get started is a phone or a computer. Now is the time to invest in reducing the impact of COVID-19 on your business by working with an experienced entrepreneur, communicator and coach.  Complete the form or what the heck, just give me a call at 250-215-0156 and we can talk about next steps. You got this!