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Coming March 2021: Check Yourself

What happens when two seemingly woke guys get into an argument about a woman? Check Yourself is a short film that unpacks male privilege in an ironic way. Premier in March 2021. Written and Directed by C.J. Wilkins. Starring Matt Brown, C.J. Wilkins and Rebekah Heinrichs. Camera by Hollis Oorobeek.

C.J. is an experienced Actor, Writer and Director in theatre and film. 


C.J. is an experienced theatre and film actor who can play a wide range of characters from aging rocker to scientist and even family man. Inquiries contact Brandi England – Ignite Artists.


Currently transitioning from Theatre to Film, C.J. has directed a number of productions and is currently working on short films including Check Yourself, The Jacket and Hallmock Men.


A full Member of the Playwright’s Guild of Canada, C.J. has written and successfully staged two plays and is currently writing short films, The Jacket and Hallmock Men. He brings a unique life perspective and covers topics including tragedy, the futility of dating and unique interpersonal relationships. 

Our Clients Are Talking

Wilkins Creative Insights really took all the countless aspects of being a new business owner and streamlined them into information I could understand. Every step of the way C.J. has been more than helpful and I honestly couldn't recommend anyone better.
Connor Knapp
C.J is an amazing presenter that brings both passion and extensive knowledge to the topics. CJ's enthusiasm is evident in his presentation style and his knowledge is inspiring to all that have the privilege to engage with him.
Angela McLaren
When it comes to Marketing and communications strategy, C.J. totally works his magic! C.J. is able to take a 20 minute story and make it 5 minutes yet more impactful!
We had been delivering services for 37 years and no one was able to donate on our website. C.J. brought our website into the 21st century so that our website is now interactive, engaging, and now, you can donate with a press of a button!
Debbie Scarborough
Executive Director
Wilkins Creative Insights helped me expand my small business goals into a comprehensive, individualized action plan for success.
He also developed my website from start to finish and transformed it into a user-friendly platform, while maintaining the spirit & style of Textile Apparel.
Working with C.J. is like having an experienced business partner in your corner.
Alicia Meier
C.J. has been an exceptional coach in supporting me as I build my business. His quick mind and razor sharp focus keeps me and my business growth on track. I highly recommend C.J. if you are looking for top notch service and cutting edge creativity! If you are ready to soar call C.J. today!
Shauna Paynter
Safe and Sound Counselling
UBIQUE ARTE full logo white
C.J. at Wilkins Creative Insights is an absolute pleasure to work with. His background in business and in theatre made him the perfect fit to design Ubique Arte’s website. Having a passion for local businesses and performance art is exactly what was needed to capture the essence of this theatre company, and he did just that. From communication to execution, he was a dream to work with. His passion, positivity and flair is contagious and certainly shows in his work. Having laid this strong foundation, there has been an overwhelming response to the company’s launch. It is wonderful to be able to put your trust in someone who will deliver.
Siobhan Barker
Founder, Ubique Arte
A few years ago, we realized we needed to have a social media presence for our YMCA. Not having staff with a background in social media made it challenging to get started. C.J. was able to make recommendations on what would best suit our needs. He took the time to train me on different social media channels, digital ads, and a review of our website. He was absolutely fantastic to deal with – always quick to respond and extremely personable.
I would recommend C.J. to any organization that is looking for social media marketing expertise and support.
Al Nerbas
YMCA of Brandon