Thriving is okay in chaos and change!

During this time of chaos and change, so many people are struggling. However, maybe you are embracing the change and are flowing with the chaos. 

It’s important to know that thriving is okay!  So many people experiencing success when there are others around you who are living in fear or hardship wind up feeling guilty for being successful.

The truth is, your success is the best way you can help. Your innovation, your leadership and drive can be inspiring to others and your increased capacity can really help those who need it. 

So go ahead, THRIVE!


It's okay to

C.J. Wilkins, BAC, MA, CEC  is a certified executive coach from the Center for Executive Coaching in Sarasota, Florida. Prior to being an Executive Coach, C.J. was an award-winning sustainably business entrepreneur having built a thriving sustainable sign company out of a dirty industry during a recession. He has extensive experience in crisis communications with organizations such as Shell Canada Limited, The Alberta Energy & Utilities Board, AltaGas Ltd., The Glenbow Museum and YMCA of Okanagan.