Change is Like an Electric Toothbrush

Change really is like an electric toothbrush. It has the potential of cleaning your teeth so much more effectively than a regular brush. At least that’s what the ads say the dentists are saying.

Truth is, switching over to an electric toothbrush can create some, well, unintended consequences.

Bad vibes at first

Change can be uncomfortable. Literally and Figuratively.

Expecting an electric toothbrush to feel comfortable the first time you use it isn’t realistic. It vibrates your jaw and skull like crazy and that feeling takes some time to get used to. Same with change. So it’s okay to have some discomfort if you have a clear goal.

man with toothpaste on his face caption says change is like an electric toothbrush

This could get messy

We’ve all been told that the only constant is change. It’s true. In business and life it’s best to expect things will change rather than stay static. 

Same goes for using an electric toothbrush. If you don’t expect it to be a different experience than a regular brush, you could be in for an unpleasant surprise! Turning on the brush before putting it in your mouth makes sense. The device is new (hopefully!) and unfamiliar so you spend more time looking at it than you normally might. The button is a new experience so you push it after putting the toothpaste on the bristles. 


Toothpaste EVERYWHERE!

The good news if that’s ever happened to you is that we’re learning beings. Unless you were wearing your favourite cashmere sweater, chances are the consequences of premature button pushing were low but the learning was high. You’ve never made that mistake again!

Coaching anticipates change

Working with an Executive Coach can help you avoid the mess by assisting you in anticipating change and becoming more adaptable. You can increase your focus so you read the owners’ manual. Challenge assumptions about how to best approach a new problem, you know, that sort of thing. I can’t promise you never getting toothpaste all over, but I can accelerate your career and business. Reach out and learn more about how C.J. can help you achieve success.